Gear List

Clothes need to cover a range of climates ... Spring in Alabama is similar to Christchurch, with the possibility of cold weather, but usually warm days.Florida is hot and humid .. with thunderstorms and a heavy shower likely in the afternoon.

Here is a list of gear you should take on the trip:


Sweat shirt
Light weight trousers
Under wear x ?
Socks - needed for some walks
Shoes - suitable for activities at Space Camp such as the high ropes course
Swimming togs
Beach towel
Light raincoat
Sun hat
Sun screen
Sun glasses
Insect repellent
Small personal first aid kit ... anti-itch, plasters, pain killers
Small torch or head torch
Tooth brush/paste
Soap/shampoo etc ... remember that any liquids carried onto the plane must be in a clear plastic bag and be under 100mL
Plastic bags ... for dirty/wet clothes
Small plastic lunch box ... for taking sandwiches/fruitWater bottleSmall padlock for lockers at Space Camp and hostel

Spending money ... only needed for meals while traveling, plus snacks and souvenirs.
Camera/phone ... and charger, plus adapter to fit US power sockets.