Activities we will be doing while on the Space camp trip! - Last updated 23/2/2016

Check out the links below so you can see what we will be doing while we are away. Most of these activities are now confirmed but be aware that some may be subject to change.

Space Camp - Huntsville, Alabama
This is the main week of your trip and you will be completing the course either as a Mission Specialist or a Shuttle Pilot. There is a limit of 8 mission specialists so as soon as you receive your application form from school make sure you get it back, it will have to be first in first served. However think carefully about which track is best for your interests.

Mission specialists Track is best suited to student who have an interest in the physics of space, the design of space suits and the complications of a zero gravity environment. This track also has medical requirements for scuba diving that you must pass to qualify

Shuttle Pilot Specialist Track is best suited to students who have an interest in flying and the physics of flight. It includes several hours of flight simulators and aeronautic design. A brilliant course for any student who is contemplating a career as a fixed wing or helicopter pilot.

Check out the space camp website for more information. Just remember the course you are doing is known as the Advanced Space Academy for 15-18 yr olds.
For parents there are some great resources on here to look at in terms of feedback from past alumni and FAQ about what and who will be running the Camp

Walt Disney World Resort - Orlando, Florida
We will be involved in the Disney Youth Education Series which is a wonderful program that combines science with its parks rides and attractions. While we are in Florida we will be involved in two such programs

Check out the links given to see an overview of each program
1. Energy and waves (Physics) - For more info click here
2. Exploring Careers in Marine Science (Biology) - For more info click here

We will have four days at the Disney World Resort as it is a huge place. The four day passes we will be purchasing give entry to all of the theme parks and the two education programs as well as access to the additional water parks and special feature parks. You will be able to visit all of the theme parks across these days.

Check out the theme parks at this link:

Cathedral caverns, Alabama
We go to these amazing natural caverns in Alabama State Parks on the last day before we fly to Florida.

Check out the website the pictures are quite amazing -

High School Visit - Dr. Phillips High School, Orlando, Florida
A very successful part of previous trips has been the half day spent with a buddy attending a local Florida high school. We hope to get you in contact with a 'buddy' before we head to the states but for now check out their website. How would you like to attend a high school that is directly opposite Universal Studios Resort Florida. Brings a whole new meaning to the concept of bunking.

Dr Phillips See if you can find the CIS Magnet programme ... these are the students we meet up with in the international programme.

Natural Springs - Kelly Park, Apopka, Florida
These natural springs are part of the aquifer system that feeds Orlando's water needs. Like Christchurch the city is built on top of this network. We will get a chance to visit the springs and hopefully do some tubing in the crystal clear waters. Looks incredibly good fun and I managed to find a travel blog with some great photos.

Interestingly there is a chance to find fossilised sharks teeth in the rocks at the bottom of the springs.

Kennedy Space Center Visit - Orlando, Florida
This attraction will be an interesting chance for students to see what for the time being is a by gone era of space travel. With the last shuttle mission happening in 2011 there is no manned space travel by NASA planned until they have finished developing a replacement for the existing shuttle. We will get a chance to have lunch with an astronaut and explore the center and its attractions. Check it out on the link below - - our lunch is likely to be with either Wendy Lawrence (Shuttle astronaut) or Charlie Walker (Shuttle astronaut) Note: The astronaut present is not confirmed

For the first time in our trips history we will be able to visit the brand new attraction at Kennedy Space Center. In 2012 the space shuttles were retired and Space Shuttle Atlantis was turned into a visitors attraction at Kennedy Space Centre. Our tickets allow us to tour this piece of space history and also experience the shuttle launch simulator.
This will be very special for the students as while they are training at Space Camp they will be working on a simulator design to ressemble Atlantis and to get the chance to go inside the real thing is brilliant!
Check out the new attraction at:

Gatorland - Orlando, Florida
This attraction describes itself as "The alligator capital of the world". We will have a decent bit of time at this attraction and it seems there is a lot to see. With attractions such as the Gator Jumparoo and Gator Wrestlin' it is sure to be an interesting day.

We are booked on the Screamin' Gator Zip line.